Carve.  Spray.  STick.

Our team members are experts in various signage techniques.

With our abilities, whatever you dream up...we can build and install.

  • 3D Manufacturing:

    Auto Trim & Signs can take your logo or image and turn it into a three dimensional display, making it stand out. Commonly done with Sign Foam, Channel, Raised and Illuminated letters.

  • 3M Installation:

    A special certification for those that have been trained by 3M to properly install any vinyl application using 3M certified materials.

  • Bending:

    A Break is used to bend metal into formation and is commonly used for creating Raised/Illuminated/Channels letters, often out of an aluminum base.

  • Carving:

    Carving a logo into wood, plastic or sign foam. This process can be done by hand, using a number of delicate tools or by using a routering machine.

  • Dye Sublimation:

    The heating of an image and transferring it onto the surface of any material using a dye sublimation printer.   

  • Installation:

    Preparing your product for display. Whether it is installing a Channel Letter display, wrapping a vehicle, or setting up a large commercial LED display, Auto Trim & Sign's highly trained technicians can complete the job from start to finish.

  • Printing:

    Printing is the act of transferring your image from the computer screen onto a material or specific medium, like a vinyl banner or vinyl vehicle wrap. Large format printing is used in the manufacturing of most displays for the majority of Auto Trim & Sign's clients.

  • Routering:

    The technique used when forming or hollowing out images or letters onto materials, like wood, plastic, or aluminum and can be done using a number of different router tools or a routering machine.

  • Sandblasting:

    This technique is used when working with any stone medium and is the process of imprinting the stone with your brand.

  • Squeegeeing:

    Using a small tool, squeegeeing is done by the installer during the wrapping process to allow the air to dissipate, preventing bubbles and pockets of air between the material and the object.

  • Weeding:

    Weeding is the term used when pulling extra pieces off a vinyl transfer is needed to ensure your image is exactly how you want.  When an image is printed onto any type of transfer material, sometimes the tiniest of details are missed by the printer's cutter and must be manually removed to ensure your image achieves its full definition. 

  • Wrapping:

    Covering an object's surface (like a car, boat, or wall) with a thin maleable medium like vinyl. This wrap is designed with and used for promotional and business advertising and is installed using the object's exact specifications. The material is applied to an object and heated and formed around the item's curves and dimensions. The installer smooths out the wrap using a small handheld tool to push out any air bubbles trapped between the wrap and the surface of the object. Excess material is then cut away, for a perfect fit.