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Our services will accommodate and inspire.

Signage as a visual solution means finding the right balance of aesthetics and function - we specialize in both.

  • 3M Installation:

    Many Auto Trim & Signs locations have certified 3M Installers to ensure your project is completed professionally and properly. Our 3M Preferred Installers have years of experience and have completed the courses taught and required by 3M to obtain this special designation.

  • A-Frame Displays:

    Commonly referred to as "Sandwich Board Signs," they often have full coloured graphics printed on white board material, often Coroplast, or using premium glossy vinyl.

  • Banner Signs:

    Banners are usually long strips of material, often vinyl, that are used for advertisment and marketing purposes for businesses and organizations. Banners are perfect for both short and long term promotions and are easy to transport and maintain.  Anything of your choosing can be printed on a banner material of your choice and done in any size, using Auto Trim & Sign's large format printers.

  • Billboards:

    Large, rigid signs installed frequently on roadways or building walls and often contain directional or company location information.

  • Consultation:

    Our highly trained professionals can sort through all your available options and assist you with making a smart advertising decision. Auto Trim & Signs can help you determine the overall cost and timeline and will be available to you through the initial planning stages right to the final installation of your project.

  • Digital Design:

    Digital design is used when creating something in a computer based environment or platform and is utilized in website development or with technologically advanced LED displays.  

  • Dye Sublimated/Thermal Imprinted Tablecloths:

    Easy to set-up and great for event and store displays. We have a full range of colour options and the material is machine washable and fire retardant.

  • Financial Packages:

    Some of our locations work with financial institutions; giving you the opportunity to finance or lease your large project.

  • Freestanding Displays:

    Quick set-up, full colour digital graphics, ideal for tradeshows, point of sale displays or presentations. They can be printed on 100% recyclable materials, if the customer requests, or fire retardant polyester.

  • Graphic Design:

    We can assist you with the creation or improvement of your brand, logo, or advertisement, using our professional graphic designers. We will utilize our expertise and knowledge of colours, layout, and creativity to design your eye-catching and memorable image or logo.

  • Halo Hanging Banners:

    A branded three dimensional full colour hanging display that is perfect for high visibility at any venue.

  • Heavy Duty Event Tents:

    Branded pop-up canopy tents make your business stand out in the crowd. This is a highly visible way to promote your brand/business and drive traffic to your location within an event.

  • Illuminated Signage & Lettering:

    A full coloured sign that is lit using bulbs or LED's within the sign itself, popular for storefronts and nighttime displays.

  • Installations:

    Completing your project from start to finish. We work with you to provide anything from the initial design of your logo or advertisement through to the completion of the final installation. We can design, manufacture and attach your storefront iIluminated sign and window frosting, or fully install and connect your Digital LED Display in your company's foyer, or wrap the entire wall of a city block.

  • Large Format Printing :

    Having the newest technology in commercial printers, our Auto Trim & Signs locations are able to print any size of signage, window film, or vehicle wrap.

  • Lettering-Raised/Channel:

    A type of letter which is raised above the sign's base, making it three dimensional.  Raised and Channel Letters are installed and lit using external mounted lights and are great for storefront retail displays.

  • Light Panel & Collapsible Smart Racks:

    Great for point of sale and merchandise displays.  Can be created using full coloured exchangeable graphics or as a clear twisting showcase.

  • Magnetic Retractable Banner Stand:

    Full colour, easy use, portable, multiple option display stands. These banner stands make great visual components to your event booth

  • Mobile Signs:

    Simply by changing the letters, mobile signs allow you the ability to alter the message contained within the sign to suit your company's current needs.  These are great for advertising events and short term promotions and these mobile signs can be rented or purchased outright.

  • Pocket Walls:

    Create a new room or a division of office space using a full colour, moveable pocket wall. Pocket walls can be plain or imprinted with a design or image of your choosing.

  • Pop-Up Fabric Counter:

    Used as a full colour table top display, this moveable structure is great for tradeshow displays and store merchandising.

  • Pop-Up Wall:

    A full colour, transportable wall that is ideal for tradeshows and presentations. 

  • Pylon/Tower Signs:

    This large structural signage is often used to ensure high visibility and suited to display a large amount of information.  The most popular example of these signs are found in mall parking lots and will often list all the stores within the location.  Auto Trim & Signs can design the full layout, complete the construction and installation of your pylon/tower sign.

  • Quick Change Cartridge Rectractable Banner:

    Ideal for events and point of sale displays and gives you the option to change the banner and message with minimal effort.

  • Single and Double Sided Retractable Banners:

    Stand-alone full colour signage that contains product and/or brand information which can be quickly set-up at your event booth or within your business.

  • Vehicle Wraps:

    Advertising in motion; making your vehicle speak volumes about your business or personal taste.  Auto Trim & Signs can wrap your automobile with a brand, image, or design of your choice, and as it is a vinyl material, once applied it acts like a second coat of paint.  Not only can Auto Trim & Signs install your vehicle wrap, we can also remove it, restoring your vehicle back to its original state, if needed.

  • Wall Wraps:

    Auto Trim & Signs can create full colour printed images which can be installed on any wall to maximize your advertising space or change the decor within your office.

  • Warranties:

    All of Auto Trim & Signs products come with the one year manufacturer's warranty and all 3M purchased branded materials include 3M's extensive warranty.

  • Wind Flags:

    Great for events and point of sale displays, easy to set-up, portable, full coloured images printed on fabric.

  • Wind Spinners:

    Wind spinners are signs which are installed on a frame which will rotate even during the mildest breeze. Since a message can be printed on both sides, wind spinners are great for quick and simple eye-catching messages and are completely functional on calm days.

  • Window Film:

    Great for both short and long term branding and promotions and the material can be installed and removed without the need of a heavy glue or adhesive.  With differing options to choose from, you can decide on a perforated, clear, full colour, monochromatic, or static window film, depending on your marketing needs. Auto Trim & Signs can help you go over all the options and make the best choice for your business.

  • Window Frosting:

    Great for adding privacy to office cubicles, changing your office decor, or relaying long term information to your clients, like your hours of operation. Works best with minimal or basic colour designs.

  • Window Tinting:

    Often used on fleet and personal use vehicles. Window tinting can also be done within your home or office to add privacy or to compliment your existing decor.