Beauty.  form.  Touch.

Our wide variety of signage materials will guarantee that you get what you need.

Signage as a visual solution means finding the right balance of aesthetics and function - we specialize in both.

  • Acrylic:

    A soft lightweight substance that can be made to mimic other materials for example, different types of fabrics. Acrylics are resistant to chemicals, oils and sun exposure and can be dyed using various colour lots to match your branding needs.

  • Acrylic2:


  • Aluminum/Alupanel:

    Alupanel consists of two aluminum sheets bonded together. Commonly used in raised lettering signage as it is malleable and can be primed and painted in a variety of colours. It is a cheaper option compared to heavier materials and is resistant to the elements. 

  • Celtec:

    Celtec display board is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) whose features make it ideal for signage, exhibits, store displays, Kiosks, screen printing, and more. The sheets are tough and lightweight and can be ordered in any size and colour.

  • Coroplast:

    Coroplast is the brand name associated with corrugated plastic.  It has a lightweight, hollow structure, and is non-toxic, waterproof, shockproof, and is a lifelong corrosion preventive material. This is a good alternative material for your exterior marketing.

  • DI-NOC:

    DI-NOC is a 3M brand name for a self-adhesive material that is used in the resurfacing of vehicles, walls, refurbishments, etc. It withstands inclimate weather, fire, mould, abrasions, and can be treated like an extremely durable paint. This material can be imprinted with an original design or crafted in the likeness of brick, stucco, granite, or any other pattern or finish. When using this material in refurbishments, not only are you decreasing your carbon footprint, but you are also saving time and money in comparison to traditional materials, like wood.

  • Dye Sublimation:

    The process of transferring dye onto materials using heat; a dye sublimation printer is used when making banners of all materials (fabric, vinyl, plastic).

  • Eco-Friendly Signage Materials:

    Whenever possible, Auto Trim & Signs uses green materials (Coroplast, Sign Foam, vinyls) for banners and signage as this will increase your company's LEED Points. The more green a project is, the more LEED points a company receives, as it is a reduction of their overall carbon footprint and an overall benefit to the environment.

  • Fabric Banners:

    A polyester or cloth (cotton, rayon, wool) banner that is imprinted with your logo, brand and/or image.  These banners can be used in exterior settings but, it is not recommended; for exteriors, one should use a durable vinyl. Auto Trim & Signs will help you pick the right material to suit your needs.

  • Graffiti Proof Overlaminate:

    Is used as a graffiti resistant protective coating that can be applied to various printed media (vinyls, wallpaper, etc.) and is commonly used on bus shelters and prints installed on buildings. Using this protective film ensures the underlying material is resistant to crayon, spray paint, permanent marker, paint, and other forms of defacement.  It also provides the easy cleaning of the material surface without using harmful solvents and is environmentally friendly.    

  • High Intensity Reflectives:

    High intensity reflectives are most often used on emergency services vehicles due to their high visibility at night, but they can also be used for businesses that want their promotions to stand out and be seen.

  • Komacel:

    A tough versatile PVC sheet brand name for a type of durable, rigid plastic.  This material stands the test of time, can last for years and can be reused and changed to fit your changing advertising needs.

  • LED/LCD Display:

    Think of a television display.  Using an LED display for your advertising allows you the ability to interchange the message as often or as little as your business sees fit. LED displays come in a wide range of sizes to fit any budget.

  • PVC:

    The acronym for polyvinyl chloride and is a widely produced plastic often used in construction as it is more cost effective than copper, iron, or wood. It can be formed into any design and fully coloured. Though it is not the most green option available, its extreme durability enables PVC to have minimal upkeep and is great for long term promotions.

  • Paper:

    Auto Trim & Signs has hundreds of options to chose from when it comes to using paper as your medium. We can discuss with you the right weight, thickness, and texture needed to complete your project; anything from an 8mm Gloss Paper, 8mm Backlit Poster Paper, 6.5mm Satin Paper; we have it all.

  • Plastic:

    A synthetic material that can be molded into shape, it's finished product is both rigid and durable.

  • Sign Foam:

    This is a green material made out of recyclables. Perfect for fully coloured, highly detailed, three dimensional signs and advertisments.

  • Sign Posts:

    The posts used to install Coroplast, "bag signs" and billboards into the ground. They can be small and durable and can be installed six inches into the ground so digging and locates are not necessary and they can be easily removed when a short term promotion has ended. If larger posts are required, Auto Trim & Signs will obtain all the necessary permits and locates to complete your display installation.

  • Snap Frame:

    Snap Frame is the brand name for the frame; it's what is put inside that counts.  Snap Frame signage is excellent for short term messages as they are fully interchangable.

  • Steel:

    A sturdy material used for fabrication and structual design and is often primed and painted to ensure it can withstand the changing weather.

  • Stone:

    Auto Trim & Signs has the ability to blast your brand into stone and can help you find the right stone for your display. It can be done with any type of stone; marble, limestone, sandstone, etc.

  • Vinyl:

    Vinyl is durable, sturdy, and washable. Having a banner created using this medium, makes it easy to transport. When picking up your new banner, the staff at Auto Trim & Signs will tell you how to properly care for the material so that it will last. 

  • Wallpaper:

    Auto Trim & Signs can print any image onto a large vinyl sheet and use it like wallpaper. It can be installed on any walled surface with full colour options for long term promotions. This is also a great option for businesses with less interior space as it allows you to maximize your advertising area.

  • Window Film:

    High quality window films can be installed in the home, office, or vehicle which can help with reducing heat, UV exposure and glare from the sun. These films can be used as a privacy film or can be designed and fully integrated into your interior decor and promotional ideas.  Window films can include perforated window film (great for advertising on fleet vehicles), security film (opaque, excellent for private spaces), static film (a good option if your promotion is short term), as there are literally hundreds of options, contact your local Auto Trim & Signs location and our knowledgeable staff can assist you with picking the best choice to suit your needs.

  • Window Tint:

    Window tinting is commonly used on vehicles and can add varying degrees of privacy to your automobiles.  Window tinting is also a great option for owners that want to change the look of their vehicle without making a large financial and design sacrifice.

  • Wood:

    Cedar, pine, maple, mahogany, different types of wood can be used based on your signage needs.  We can do a full colour imprint using wood as a base or carve your image directly into the wood and apply colour after the process. Great for rustic and traditional promotions.